2013 Marcom Masque Awards

2012-2013 Marcom Masque Award winners pose for a group photo
Photo by Shari Barrett
Congratulations to the 2012-2013 Season Marcom Masque Award Winners (from left) Susan Goldman Weisbarth, Jayne Hamil, Bradley Miller, Jennifer Sperry, Margie Bates, Mark Mayes, Gail Bernardi, Shawn K. Summerer, Joanna Churgin, Hollister Starrett, Fiona Okida (accepting for her father, Roy T. Okida), Jim Crawford, Sheridan Cole Crawford, Maria Cohen, Michael Cohen, Patricia Butler (also accepting for Karl Schott).
The 2012-2013 Marcom Masque Awards Ceremony was held on Saturday, June 30, 2013 at the Westchester Playhouse. The event chairpersons were Shari Barrett and Linda Reinhardt, with Drew Fitzsimmons directing the entertainment portion of the event. Calia Mintzer-Wolf managed the guest list, and Michelle Rosen was the event’s Mistress of Ceremony.
The annual event celebrates our six production season, and all Kentwood Players members in good standing who have seen all six productions cast their vote in several categories for our annual Marcom Masque Awards, named in honor of our founders Jan and Arky Marcom.
Every performer, designer, producer, and director in all six productions are nominated in categories determined by the director and approved by the Board of Directors.
The 2012-2013 Season included the following productions:
The Miracle Worker
Doubt, A Parable
Scream Queens, The Musical
The 39 Steps
2013 Marcom Masque Award winners
Best Play Ragtime
Best Actor in a Leading Role Bradley Miller as Tateh in Ragtime
Best Actress in a Leading Role Joanna Churgin as Sister Aloysius Beauvier in Doubt, A Parable
Best Actor in a Major Supporting Role Karl Schott as Clown 1 in The 39 Steps
Best Actress in a Major Supporting Role Patricia Butler as Clown 2 in The 39 Steps
Best Actor in a Minor Supporting Role Mark Mayes as Osric in Fortinbras
Best Actress in a Minor Supporting Role Jacquelin Schofield as Mrs. Muller in Doubt, A Parable
Best Actor in a Minor Role Roy T. Okida as Ensemble in Ragtime
Best Actress in a Minor Role Jennifer Sperry as First Maiden in Fortinbras
Best Actor in a Cameo Role Hezekiah Suber as Young Coalhouse in Ragtime
Best Director Susan Goldman Weisbarth for Ragtime
Best Producer Margie Bates and Gail Bernardi for Ragtime
Best Set Design Jim Crawford for Ragtime
Best Set Decoration Design Jim Crawford for Ragtime
Best Lighting Design Hollister Starrett for Fortinbras
Best Sound Design Shawn K. Summerer for The 39 Steps
Best Original Graphic Design Michael Cohen for The 39 Steps
Best Costume Design Maria Cohen, Sheridan Cole Crawford, and Jayne Hamil for Ragtime
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