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Past Production

by Marshall Karp
Directed by Gail Bernardi
Produced by Calia Mintzer-Wolf and Lori Marple-Pereslete
May 20 – June 25, 2011
This hilarious play pits a father-in-law against a mother in a comedic succession of family squabbles. Jerry Sloan is a successful writer of advertising jingles and his wife, Alice, is an equally successful lawyer. Living with the happy couple is Jerry’s wise-cracking curmudgeon of a father-in-law, Abe Dreyfus, a retired New York cabbie. The situation is exacerbated when Jerry’s mother, Mildred, loses her house in a fire and needs a place to stay. But Jerry’s mother and his father-in-law don’t like each other one bit, so how will they all survive in the same house? It’s a guaranteed laugh-a-minute situation with a heart-warming ending.
Played by  
Jerry Sloan Matt Landig
Abe Dreyfus Jim Bell
Hector Lopez Joseph Roman
Alice Sloan Jessica Tallmadge
Mildred Sloan Michelle Rosen
Sol Wasserman Ron Rudolph
Mrs. Fisher Deborah Ishida

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Photos by Shari Barrett
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