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About Kentwood Players

Since 1950 Kentwood Players has been presenting high quality theatre at a reasonable cost. We do comedies, musicals, and dramas. With a few exceptions our shows were successful on Broadway, and the exceptions are generally chosen to appeal to the same kind of audience. Christopher Cappiello of AOL City Guide Los Angeles called us “LA’s most professional amateur theater group.”

Kentwood Kids

The Kentwood Kids program gives theatre classes for children and onstage shows by children for children.


Kentwood Players is a membership organization of about 200 individuals dedicated to giving you a great theatrical experience — whether on stage, back stage, or just pouring coffee.



Kentwood Players thanks readers of the Hometown News for voting our theater Best Performance Space.
We also thank the readers of the Argonaut for voting our theater in the Top 3 for Best Theatre Venue or Company of the Westside.
We also thank readers of the Daily Breaze for voting our theater a Favorite Performing Arts Venue

Usage note: Despite looking plural “Kentwood Players” is constructed in the singular: “Kentwood Players is” — not “the Kentwood Players are.” We won’t get mad if you say [ugh] “the Kentwood Players are,” but you do want to get it right don’t you. It may help if you remember that Ab‍bott La‍boratories, Am‍erican Ai‍rlines, Co‍lumbia Pi‍ctures, Ge‍neral Mo‍tors, Un‍ited Ai‍rlines, Un‍ited Ar‍tists, Un‍iversal St‍udios, Wa‍lt Di‍sney Pi‍ctures, Wa‍rner Br‍os (the list could go on and on) are all constructed in the singular.

Branding note: Our theatre building is called the “Westchester Playhouse,” but we are known by our organization name, “Kentwood Players,” and our reputation is based on that name. Theatre Palisades and Theatre 40 are branded the same way: Their venues are called respectively the Pierson Playhouse and the Reuben Cordova Theatre, but they go by their organization names. The Morgan-Wixson Theatre does it the opposite way: Its organization is called the Santa Monica Theatre Guild, but they go by their theatre name. We respect both branding choices, but our choice is our organization name, “Kentwood Players.”

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