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by Lyle Kessler
Directed by Kathy Dershimer
Produced by Susan Goldman Weisbarth
September 12 – October 18, 2014
Two abandoned boys live in a dilapidated North Philly row house. Treat, the older, and a predatory thief, has assumed the role of head of household. The younger, Phillip, is a reclusive and sensitive manchild who would never survive without his brother. In their own way, these two brothers are a family, until the night Treat kidnaps a drunken, wealthy businessman named Harold. Harold turns the table on the two brothers in a strange, hilarious and moving way. Orphans premiered in 1983 at the Matrix Theatre in Los Angeles and made its Broadway debut in April 2013, receiving two Tony Award nominations. Adult language.
Played by  
Phillip Raúl Bencomo
Treat Jeff Cheezum
Harold Karl Schott

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Photos by Shari Barrett
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