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Kentwood Players - Coming Soon

by Don Nigro
Directed by Sheridan Cole Crawford
Produced by Larry Jones
September 11 – October 17, 2015
Ravenscroft is a psychological murder mystery with comical overtones, set in rural England in the early 1900’s. It is a thinking person’s Gothic thriller, a dark comedy both funny and unnerving. On a snowy night, Inspector Ruffing is called to a remote country estate to investigate a murder. He subsequently becomes involved in the lives of five intriguing and dangerous women. As everyone’s secrets and desires are revealed, the Inspector (and audience) are bewildered, amused, and frightened as they are led to a dark encounter with the truth.

There will be a champagne and dessert reception between 7:00-7:30pm for subscribers and members attending the September 12 performance.
Played by  
Inspector Ruffing Scot Renfro
Marcy Jessica Marshall-Gardiner
Mrs. Ravenscroft Andrea Stradling
Gillian Kati Schwartz
Dolly Jennifer Marion
Mrs. French Deborah Ishida

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Photos by Larry Jones
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