Kentwood Players
announces auditions for
The Imaginary Invalid

Auditions for The Imaginary Invalid
on Saturday, November 12
and Sunday, November 13, 2016
at the Westchester Playhouse.

Kentwood Players will hold open auditions for the comedic satire The Imaginary Invalid by Molière on Saturday, November 12, 2016, 12:00noon to 4:00pm and Sunday, November 13 from 6:00 to 9:30pm. This is a non-equity, non-paid production directed by Susan Stangl and produced by Sheridan Cole Crawford for Kentwood Players. Performance dates are January 13 through February 18, 2017 on Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00pm and Sundays at 2:00pm. Auditions and performances take place at the Westchester Playhouse, located at 8301 Hindry Avenue in Westchester, CA 90045.

Molière's The Imaginary Invalid is an outrageous satire of medicine and its practitioners, sadly relevant even today, the wealthy Argan revels in poor health, relying on laxatives, suppositories, bloodlettings, and second and third opinions from the leading quacks. Although his daughter Angélique loves the impoverished Cléante, Argan wants to marry her to Thomas Diaforrhea, a medical dunce who can assure his father-in-law a lifetime of free health care. Aided by Argan's wily, back-talking servant Toinette, the young lovers contrive to meet despite the scheming of Béline, Argan's mercenary second wife. All is resolved (or is it?) when the clever Toinette and Argan's sage brother Béralde concoct a hilarious, elaborate plan to teach Argan where to place his trust.

Those auditioning should allow time to sign-in and complete paperwork. Please bring a current headshot and resume as well as your calendar as a rehearsal schedule will be posted at auditions and you will be asked to note any conflicts. No appointment or monologue is necessary; just be prepared for selected cold readings from the script. Please be prepared to sing a short a cappella piece of your choice if requested. If you have any questions or concerns, please email

Character Breakdown

All roles are open to all ethnicities. Ages are approximate and flexible in most cases.
Male, 40s-60s The classic Molière lead character, a fool who is taken advantage of by his family and outsiders - in this case, members of the medical profession. Although he spends most of his time in a chair, he needs to have a good physical presence and the ability to move well. Because he is on stage for most of the show, he needs to be played by an actor who can commit to all rehearsals and learn a large amount of dialogue quickly.
Female, 20s-50s The wily servant who knows more than her master, she cares about him but refuses to put up with all his antics. Good comedic sensibility and the ability to do some physical comedy and fast changes. She is also on stage for most of the show and needs to be a quick study and available during most of the rehearsal period.
Female, 18-25 Argan’s daughter, she is an ingénue who, while spoiled and coddled, has a deep love for her father. Ability to sing a cappella is helpful.
Female, 30+ Argan’s gold-digging second wife, younger than Argan, who fakes her love and concern for Argan while fooling around with her lawyer Bonnefoi behind his back. Ability to feign concern and drop the façade quickly.
Male or Female, 30s-60s Argan’s sensible relative who tries to help him see the error of his ways. Has a lot of good dialogue lampooning the medical profession.
Male, 20s A young man in love with Angélique. Poses as a substitute music teacher to get in to see her. Good comic timing and not afraid to sing, even if not a great singer.
female, 8-14 Argan’s younger daughter, she is a true brat who is in total control of her father as he attempts to punish her. She loves to get her older sister in trouble, although she is afraid of her.
The following supporting roles ideally will be played by other members of the cast above and/or doubled by one or two actors, depending on interest and availability:
Male, 40s-60s A doctor whose son is a suitor to Argan’s daughter, Angélique. Rich, pompous and no sense of humor.
Dr. Purgon
Male, 30s-60s Argan’s family doctor – a true quack who takes himself very seriously and has tremendous power over Argan.
Male, 20s-40s Argan’s wife’s notary and a man with whom she is having an affair. A real slimeball.
Thomas Diafoirrhea
Male, 20s A medical student close to graduation who is a suitor for Angélique and presents carefully memorized speeches that he has to repeat from the beginning when he is interrupted. While not stupid, he has no social skills or awareness of that fact.
Male or Female, 20s-60s An enema specialist who works with Dr. Purgon and administers an enema to Argan.

To meet the The Imaginary Invalid production team and learn more about Kentwood Players, the public is invited to attend our general membership meetings, which are free and held on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm at the Westchester Playhouse located two blocks west of the San Diego Freeway and two blocks north of Manchester at 8301 Hindry Avenue in Westchester, CA 90045.

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